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Brand Communications

How should you communicate with your target audience?  What media should you use, what messages will resonate with your target audience? Have your communications worked?

BDRC Continental has extensive experience in this area – right from understanding the audience through to evaluating the impact of the campaign on key brand metrics. 

The stages of effective communications are detailed below:

1. Understand the Audience

We undertook a study for Manchester City FC, segmenting both their potential fanbase and also corporate hospitality customers.

Other notable segmentations that have been used to develop marcomms for individual segments have been on video gamers and online shoppers.

Good segmentations are based on people’s attitudes, enabling us to get inside the mind of the target audience, and understand how they think & what motivates them.

2. Which are the most effective media?

We regularly use a technique we call Media Crossover Impact Analysis to gauge the impact of each element of a campaign in a multi-media campaign.  Campaigns have been tested on an initial regional basis to fine tune the media used for the full national campaign and make more use of those elements that were most effective in the test.

3. Social Media

By monitoring online conversations, you can gain valuable insight into what consumers really think about your brand.

4. Assess Communications Impact

We have developed norms databases to assess ROI across a range of media (TV, radio, online in-game, outdoor, experiential).  In the public domain is Project Mercury – assessing advertising ROI (specifically the link between spend and key metrics) within the mortgage market.

Follow the links for more information on our broader media & advertising research experience, or to read more on Grapevine, our word of mouth evaluation product.

For more information, please contact James Myring on 020 7490 9129, Max Willey on 020 7490 9168 or Tim Barber on 020 7490 9121.