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Customer Experience Management

BDRC Continental helps clients identify their most valuable customers, understand the drivers of satisfaction and customer loyalty and to prioritise change for bottom line impact.

Customer experience management (CEM) is about more than just research.
BDRC Continental helps its clients address important aspects of CEM

  • Evaluate the customer's experience

  • Determine the ‘ideal’ service

  • Instigate organisational cultural change

  • Track standards and performance

  • Integrate customer feedback with other relevant customer-level data


Customer Effort

An article in Harvard Business Review in 2010 Stop Trying to Delight Your Customers kicked off industry-wide debate about customer effort.

We investigated the importance of customer effort in retail service environments.  The results were not as you might expect, and Marketing Week wrote it up in 'Ease the Customer Down the Aisle' (www.marketingweek.co.uk).

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