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Distribution & Channel Management

Recent years have witnessed a revolution in the way in which consumers engage with suppliers. Historically, well-defined working patterns had to be reconciled with restricted hours of access and organisations who were content to dictate the terms under which they were prepared to interact with their customers, but not any more.

Consumers more demanding

Today’s consumer is infinitely more demanding. The emergence of new technologies and greater perception of the value of personal time mean that consumers now expect to interact with suppliers on their own terms. Therefore, to be successful in an increasingly competitive and congested marketplace, it is now imperative that organisations are able to offer consumers convenient, flexible and secure access to their services.

Service across a range of channels

Organisations now face the challenge of providing consistent service functionality across a range of channels, offering the convenience and flexibility that consumers demand while also providing reassurance of security and reliability.   

BDRC Continental has vast experience of conducting research in distribution & channel management across multiple service sectors.  Recent studies have included assessments of:

  • Design of physical service environment
  • Web banking

  • Hotels and meeting venues - electronic booking channels

  • User review sites e.g. TripAdvisor  
  • Mobile handset / SMS – based services

  • Security of ‘remote’ transactions and purchases


Many of these were multi-stage studies requiring a blend of research skills. We employ a comprehensive range of techniques and fieldwork methodologies, selecting the approach that is best-suited to the technical and logistical needs of each project.

To find out more, please contact  Ian Stevens  020 7400 1005, Mark Long 07966 454 958 or  Matt Costin  020 7400 1004.