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Culture & Leisure

Culture and leisure is one of the most rapidly evolving service industries.  Word of mouth has always been influential within the sector, but with the advent of social media it can now make or break an organisation.  Therefore it is critical to understand the attitudes and behaviour of your customers and audiences, ensuring that your organisation stays one step ahead of the market.

We have a proven track record for delivering thoughtful insights, enabling our clients to take business decisions with confidence.  Based on top quality research, your dedicated Director-led account team will work with you every step of the way. We can advise on research approaches that best meet your needs, manage the research process itself and most importantly, use their in-depth knowledge of your sector to ensure that findings have practical application within your organisation. 

We support the sector by speaking at conferences, publishing papers, and regularly present at the Museums and Heritage Show and Visitor Attractions Conference (which we have sponsored every year since it began).

This year, we presented The Power of Benchmarking and the Visitor Experience at the Museums & Heritage Show and Five Trends for 2014 at the Visitor Attractions Conference.  For more information on these presentations please contact Steve Mills.

With budgets ever-tightening across the sector, it is vital to maximise the return on investments made by your organisation.

Through bespoke research or cost-saving, multi-client studies investigating hot topics relevant to your market, BDRC Continental enables clients in the culture, heritage and arts arena effectively to meet  their strategic, social, operational and communications goals. 

Using the full range of quantitative and qualitative techniques at our disposal, our expertise, research specialisms and sector benchmarks, we tackle issues impacting upon culture, heritage and the arts, including:

  • Advertising and Communications Effectiveness 
  • Market & Visitor Segmentation
  • Membership & Fundraising Research
  • Visitor Research
  • Economic Impact Assessment
  • Exhibitions & Events Assessment
  • Stakeholder Consultation
  • Website Evaluation 


The bar is continually being raised in terms of what visitors expect from their visitor attraction and destination experiences – before, during and after their visit.  As well as being emotionally, intellectually and physically engaged throughout their experience, they also expect the hygiene factors to operate smoothly too.

Every year BDRC Continental provides research-based insight to well over 100 UK attractions to understand motivations and expectations and ensure that these are effectively delivered. Benchmarking studies we run such as the ALVA Visitor Experience Benchmarking Survey and AIM Visitor Verdict enables you to set your own results in the context of the wider sector.

Our portfolio includes organisations from the heritage, museums and galleries, gardens, wildlife, nature and leisure sectors.  We have worked alongside many of these attractions for several years, setting results in the context of the market by using our expertise in tourism and travel research  and helping them adapt to the ever-changing marketplace.



In a challenging economic environment leisure activities need to fight harder for their share of discretionary spend and leisure time.

Whether operating in health and fitness or eating and drinking out sectors, focused on extreme sports or recreational pastimes, outdoor or indoor pursuits, the desire to grow markets has never been greater.

Knowing how best to deepen audience engagement, ensuring your business or organisation is chosen over others is fundamental to sustainable success.

BDRC Continental's goal is simple: To help clients better understand their audiences and develop propositions that optimise market participation.  Our research informs business planning strategies and has helped clients maximise their revenue potential.

Combining leisure sector expertise and advanced analytics, using our own sector benchmarks and the full range of primary research techniques, we assist with:

  • Market sizing and segmentation

  • Estate planning

  • Product and service development

  • Pricing

  • Loyalty and membership programmes

  • Brand strategy

  • Online and offline advertising and communications effectiveness 

Need up-to-date insights on UK tourism trends in 2014?
Sharpen your tourism and travel marketing knowledge with our free Holiday Trends 2014 report.

BDRC Continental's Culture & Leisure team are visiting 100 venues and events in 2014. We are posting 'visit-selfies' on instagram and twitter with the hashtag #Visit100.

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