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AIM Visitor Verdict

AIM Visitor Verdict

Free Visitor Survey Service
for AIM Member Museums

What is the Service?   
  • Free service set up by AIM and funded by Arts Council England
  • Easy to use online system
  • Real-time results
  • Benchmark against similar museums
  • Developed using best practice from the ALVA Visitor Experience Benchmarking Survey

Helps you to...
  • Measure the visitor experience at your museum
  • Prioritise improvements
  • Attract and retain sponsors/funders
  • Contribute to accreditation requirements
  • Guide staff training
  • Inform marketing decisions

The process
1)   Collect visitor email addresses
2)   Upload emails to the online system
3)   Survey invites are sent automatically by the system

4)   View results privately online

Our team will provide you with start-up guidelines and on-going support.

Information collected & reported online

[ Zoom ]
Reporting - online dashboard

Learn more and Sign up

View and download the sign-up proforma
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Frequently Asked Questions
Got a question? Give us a call, or visit our FAQs page for more information.

Latest blog
AIM have written a blog on the best tips picked up from our recent Visitor Verdict workshop. View AIM's blog.

Contact Us

Tamalie Newbery,
AIM Executive Director

0777 333 6164

Amy Randle,
BDRC Continental Research Manager
0207 400 0382

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