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Retail Research

Optimise the in-store environment  -  Grow customer demand

BDRC Group’s retail consultancy arm, ESA, is the UK’s leading provider of in-store analytics. 

ESA Retail manages audits and surveys, advanced analytics capabilities and consultancy-style approach together provide the ideal springboard for business building.

For more information on how ESA can help your business, read on below.

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With 80%+ of retail sales made in-store, we uncover the key drivers of demand and recommend action to improve your performance. 

Collecting more than 1 Million facts every week, ESA is the largest provider of in-store information and advice in the UK and Ireland.
Price and Promotions
We collect price and promotion facts in-store, food and non-food, every week for many different retailers.
Range and Space
As a key input to category reviews, we conduct linear & SKU count range reviews, space allocation and macro layout audits, and link to sales data to identify best actions.
Out of stocks = lost sales.  We make multiple visits to establish availability patterns.

Only 4% of dissatisfied retail customers complain before taking their business elsewhere.

Proactively measuring staff performance and obtaining customer feedback are the only ways to ensure a positive customer experience. We undertake over 100,000 interviews and 50,000 mystery shops every year in the UK alone.

Mystery Shopping
We are one of the best retail mystery shopping companies in the UK and Ireland. With best in class reporting we deliver action oriented site reports and real time management summaries fast, online, and with all the supporting evidence.

Customer Feedback
We run customer feedback surveys using the most appropriate methodologies. With a large database of clients, we benchmark key metrics (e.g. Net Promoter Score) and derive expected value from improving customer satisfaction.

Customer Experience
We provide end-to-end services where we determine customer satisfaction drivers and levels, design and conduct a mystery shopping programme and finally provide staff support training in identified development areas.

Customer Buying Behaviour
We conduct many customer ‘at point of purchase’ interviews aimed at testing the relative persuasiveness of promotions, new product launch impacts and other customer demand factors.

ESA Retail Launches Smartphone Data Capture App
ESA price, promotions and range checkers are now able to conduct covert store audits using their smartphone via a bespoke app, ESAMobile, designed specifically for covert store audits.

Industry Expertise

Retail & In-store Analytics


Network of 10,500 auditors, interviewers and mystery shoppers across whole of UK and Ireland.

In Field Technology

State of the art in-field handheld terminals enable validation at point of collection, menu driven and open ended information collection, and instant upload of results.


Best in class integrated systems, from fieldwork to data entry through to online reporting.


More than 99% correct first time information.