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Business Opinion Omnibus

Our SME expertise

BDRC Continental has been capturing the views of SMEs for many years covering everything from zombie businesses via the Business Opinion Omnibus to access to finance through the SME Finance Monitor.

Fast, affordable access to the opinions of decision makers

The Business Opinion Omnibus is a monthly telephone survey interviewing 500 senior financial decision makers.

Whether you have just one or a series of questions to ask, thanks to the omnibus you can get answers within 3 days of interviewing completing.

Success stories

Regular users of the Business Opinion Omnibus include PR agencies, high street banks, telecoms providers, public sector organisations and more. Here are just a few examples of how they have benefited:

  • Lloyds Banking Group gauges expectations of trading prospects and economic trends on a monthly basis. Results are documented in the Lloyds Business Barometer publication and within press releases that generate valuable coverage in the broadsheets and financial media.

  • HMRC tracked employer awareness of new PAYE procedures at regular intervals over 2 years to maximise the saliency and effectiveness of its communications and marketing campaigns.

  • A PR agency achieved widespread specialist media coverage for its client, using data from the Business Opinion Omnibus to demonstrate the impact of cash flow concerns and seasonality on UK SMEs.

  • A leading search engine evaluated perceptions of its flagship advertising proposition to refine the offering and identify new commercial opportunities.


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