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Legal Research Services

Legal teams rely on market research to provide solid and persuasive evidence.  Expertly conducted research means better decision making, improved client service and competitive edge.

BDRC Continental has a proven track record in providing market research to law firms and the legal services market:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • New product development
  • Market segmentation/monitoring
  • Intellectual property
  • Corporate Governance/Responsibility
  • Image tracking/brand equity

Graham Williams, who manages the Legal Research team, is often called on for comments in articles, based on his insight and expertise. Most recently, he co-wrote 'Survey says...', an article on the importance of good survey evidence on the ITMA website.

Contact Graham Williams on 020 7400 0376 to find out how our research can help you gain competitive market insight. 

The Legal Services Act obliges legal firms to understand their clients’ needs.

The Act seeks to liberalise and regulate the market for legal services in England and Wales.  It is designed to encourage competition and provide a better service and greater protection for users of legal services. Through deregulation and the opening up of the market to Alternative Business Structures (ABS), however, it also presents lawyers with certain opportunities and threats.

BDRC Continental provides legal teams with the necessary insight to make sense of this changing landscape.  Identifying areas under threat from new entrants and the new services that could be developed are just two ways our experts can help strengthen legal firms’ relationships with clients.

Our research also enables new market entrants to identify gaps in the market and test new offerings, helping support business plans.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – it’s the client’s view of your relationship that counts.

We conduct research with general counsel and other buyers of legal services to gain a deeper understanding of the services they receive. This means we can identify pain points and opportunities, providing firms with the insight they need to deliver better, more customer-centric service.

Recent successes include:

  • Tracking project amongst subscribers of Legal Week
  • Quantitative project on behalf of an ABS to test potential products in the legal services market
  • Series of depth interviews among general counsel about trends in legal services. 
  • Mystery shopping, one of our research specialisms, has also been applied to the legal services market

Critical competitive edge –  understanding how consumers choose legal advice.

An in-depth knowledge of the legal process from the consumer’s perspective informs strategies to improve customer experience.  It enables legal firms to focus their offering towards a more customer-centric approach.  With ‘Tesco Law’ now a reality, competitive advantage of knowing what consumers want (and do not want) from lawyers is more important than ever.

BDRC Continental offers effective, reliable and quality driven research solutions for clients working in IP law.  We have a depth of experience in how research is undertaken, with the aim of encouraging clients to make survey evidence a ‘must do’ part of any IP case.  Our survey research meets exacting standards and is seen to be credible for the judge to consider, whilst still giving the legal team the evidence they need – whether claimant or defendant.

We help with:

  • Trademarks and Copyrights
  • Design research
  • Ad-hoc research into brands, products and services
  • Support for legal teams with responsibility for trade mark portfolios
  • Critiques of opposition research evidence


Clients of our services include:

  • Counsel/Barristers
  • IP Solicitors
  • Clients (IP legal teams)
  • Expert Witnesses

In the past, we have worked on several high profile cases including ICD v Diageo (Vodkat) and Asda v Specsavers.

As members of the Market Research Society (MRS) we are bound by the MRS code of conduct.  Our research processes are accredited under the market research standard,  ISO 20252.  All data collection is audited through the interviewer quality control scheme (IQCS).