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Mystery Shopping

BDRC Continental has a proven track record of helping organisations to ‘operationalise’ their brand promise and customer experience.  But this is only the first step.  Ensuring that this consistent, optimal level of service becomes a reality at every touch-point is a significant challenge for most organisations.

Whether your requirement is primarily related to compliance, or ‘softer’ people-related performance issues, whether the context is call-centre, front desk, or ‘on site / in branch’, we are uniquely well placed to help you meet this challenge. We combine specialist understanding of customer interactions in multiple service sectors with capabilities such as:

  • A network of more than 600 specialist performance auditors with global reach

  • Specialist sub-groups of auditors, often with industry specific qualifications (for example we offer professionally qualified hotel inspectors)

  • State of the art telephone mystery call facilities with hundreds of B2B ‘secret identities’ ready to use for mystery shop exercises

  • In-house e-reporting capabilities facilitating the most advanced push reporting and dashboard outputs.

  • Tele-coaching sessions which can be ‘delivered in a lunch-break’ according to the unique needs of an individual team member


For many businesses, a bespoke mystery shopping-based system is the most cost effective solution, but in certain sectors we have developed industry-leading ‘ready to use’ solutions that often provide the added value of competitor benchmarking. For example, our Meetings Benchmark Tracker service now includes approximately 700 hotel and central reservation services across the world.    

For an informal discussion on operational performance measurement and mystery shopping, please contact Matt Costin (020 7400 1004),  Ian Stevens (020 7400 1005) or Colin Shaddick (020 7490 9103)