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Winner in the Financial Services category

Tracktion - tracking the customer journey as it happens

Tracktion offers insight at every stage of your customer's journey.

For example, the mortgage application process.  Moving house is one of the most stressful events in life -  trying to run a conventional customer satisfaction survey with stressed home buyers is going to have problems.  Basically, the emotional milestones along the journey from mortgage application to moving house are distinctly blurred.  And it’s these emotional milestones that show how your potential customers became missed opportunities – drop outs along the way. 

But it is not just mortgages where this happens.  Many purchasing journeys last weeks or months, at the end of which the customer has little interest in reliving the experience.  Tracktion highlights the milestones as they occur – we travel the journey with your clients, every step of the way.  And if the journey is long enough, we can sound the alarm and help you take remedial action when it matters – not after journey’s end.  Your clients on our panel tell us what they feel when it happens – and what they intend to do about it!

Examples of Tracktion in action

  • Mortgage onboarding – from KFI issue to completion
  • Wealth – fact find to fulfilment
  • Credit card onboarding – application approval to first statement
  • Protection – application to 'on-risk'

Tracktion has been used to advise clients on a range of remedial actions and these have significantly improved customer experience, satisfaction levels, advocacy rates and other key measures.

Tracktion clients include: Barclays, BoS, First Direct, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds TSB, MBNA, Nationwide and Platform.

For more information about this award winning technique, contact  Mark Long on 020 7400 1016 or 07966 454958

Typically, each Tracktion panel begins with an immersion briefing session, during which we discuss the clients' aims and objectives in detail.  We recruit a cohort of 'panellists' at the same point in their journey and, from that point onwards, the same group of individuals is interviewed on a regular basis.

Interviews take place to an agreed schedule (usually weekly), against a short, snappy questionnaire based on the following:

  • What stage in the journey does the respondent think they are at?
  • What has happened since the last interview?
  • What has been good / bad specifically?
  • Expectation management and clarity
  • Service interactions with client - how? why? where?
  • Fair treatment, satisfaction and advocacy
  • Mix of 'harder' coded data and 'softer' verbatim comment feedback

Surveying panellists at regular intervals like this enables us to pinpoint accurately milestones and their causes as they occur.  Tracktion is the only longitudinal methodology capable of delivering such granular insight, and by directly reporting these findings, clients are equipped with precise, up-to-date information on which to form critical business decisions.

Platform has spent considerable time and effort developing their internal culture to create a more customer centric approach, and as a result has seen improvements in both customer service and loyalty.

At the end of 2010, Platform moved their mortgage processing operation from London to Leek in Staffordshire, and carried out extensive training programmes with the new teams to ensure customer service levels remained consistently high.

We recommended and implemented Tracktion for Platform when they approached us looking to measure the impact of the migration of their mortgage processing teams. They wanted to assess the impact of their training and evaluate the performance of the new servicing teams in Leek, via a detailed view of customer satisfaction, in this case mortgage intermediaries rather than consumers, at each stage of the application process.

Findings presented to Platform pre- and post-migration have enabled them to understand precisely which stages of the application process to focus on when planning improvements. The results have enabled Platform to better allocate budget and tailor staff training. Furthermore, as a result of our work, improvements are planned for Platform’s online systems, with the client certain that this will make considerable positive impact to their customers’ experience with the company.

Winner in the Financial Services category
Prestigious MRS award for Financial Services Research with Tracktion methodology

Tracktion, our unique customer experience methodology, won the annual Market Research Society Award in the Financial Services category.  The accolade was awarded to the research consultancy at a dinner held at the Lancaster Hotel on 12th December.

Since its creation in 2007, Tracktion has been enabling clients to improve customer experience, satisfaction levels, advocacy rates and other key measures.  Unlike traditional post-event satisfaction surveys, Tracktion respondents are interviewed at regular intervals, delivering clients up-to-date reporting of the customer experience.  It is the only methodology of its kind that offers insight at every stage of a customer’s journey with an organisation. 

Tracktion’s success in this category reflects BDRC Continental’s commitment to research innovation, with entries being judged on the methodology’s ability to respond to the unique challenges of the Financial Services industry, in addition to how well it demonstrates a new and customised approach.  The judges applauded the consultancy’s work on the methodology and for successfully enabling clients to transform their customers’ experience when purchasing new products.

Mark Long, Director for BDRC Continental who accepted the award, comments: “I am thrilled that the MRS has recognised Tracktion’s achievements in delivering clients a uniquely granular degree of insight.  Winning this prestigious award is testament to the excellent work we have carried out with our clients, and I would particularly like to thank Barclays, HSBC / First Direct, Lloyds Banking Group and Platform for their commitment to the methodology and their kind support of our application.”

For more information, read the winning paper - Transforming customer experience in the UK mortgage market or watch the video of Mark Long and Nicola Cormack picking up the award.