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Word of Mouth

Grapevine Analysis

Grapevine is an analysis technique for assessing the ways that word of mouth is transmitted through the population.  The technique works on the assumption that respondents in different segments of a market will transmit information in different ways.

During analysis, we trace back the influencers of each respondent to see where the influence is originally derived from.  Therefore we can track back from word of mouth to specific sources – TV ads, press, articles, email etc.  This enables us to measure the direct and indirect impact of each source of information, resulting in a measure of the total sphere of influence of each source.  Comparing this with the cost generates lower ROI figures for each source and gives a better measure of its cost-effectiveness.

Respondents are asked how they would describe themselves, and also how they would describe the person who they had heard about the product or service from (if applicable).  The description would be based on what would best discriminate between the different types of individual in relation to this product or service.  Pen pictures of segments are ideal for this but alternatively simple descriptors of different types of user may be applied. 

When using Grapevine, we have found the WOM effect can differ considerably by source, so that some sources with relatively low direct impact can have a much bigger sphere of influence whilst other sources do not benefit so strongly.

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