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Advanced Analytics - making your data work for you

We specialise in using complex statistical techniques so that our clients gain maximum value from their data. 

Working across all our research divisions, we provide an added value service by interrogating research data.  We use techniques ranging from key driver analysis to econometric modelling, so we can translate quantitative data into findings that give real insight into customer behaviour and trends.  The results can be used to drive business decisions on both an operational and strategic level.

Advanced Analytics is typically used to quantify customer perceptions and feelings and translate these into strategies that will drive growth.  The team’s expertise can be applied to a wide range of scenarios such as understanding pricing, developing products and services which create the optimum balance between different attributes such as product features and price and segmenting customer bases to identify the most profitable customer types.

To find out what else we can do to help your organisation grow, please contact Ruth Watts (020 7400 0379).

BDRC Continental specialises in a number of advanced analytical techniques including: 

We use a full range of research techniques to help companies understand their optimum price points and use modelling techniques to show the likely impact of changes to price.

Techniques include TURF analysis, CHAID, factor analysis, SIMALTO, van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter and the Gabor-Granger pricing technique. 

Understanding the factors that make up customers’ decisions to purchase a product or service is a complex process, especially as consumers may be unable to evaluate or their purchase decisions effectively.

We help companies to understand the decision making process by using trade-off techniques to simulate the evaluation process.  Our full range of techniques includes conjoint analysis, discrete choice modelling, maximum difference scaling (MaxDiff), paired comparisons and brand price trade-off (BPTO).

Segmentation of markets into different customer types enables companies to understand patterns within their market and the best way to target their products and marketing to meet customers’ needs.

Using k-means segmentation, hierarchical segmentation, CHAID and integrated ensemble tools, we help to identify the customer groups which are most valuable to your organisation and how to maximise the profitability of these groups. 

BDRC Continental’s key driver analysis allows organisations to understand which factors drive customer satisfaction by using underlying relationships within the data to highlight the factors that have the greatest impact upon satisfaction.

Using techniques such as regression models, correlation analysis and structured equation models (SEM), we identify areas of weak performance and recommend effective allocation of resources in order to maximise customer satisfaction.  We can build models to show the degree of change required in identified areas to achieve target levels of overall satisfaction. 


By linking survey data to financial measures such as customer profitability or value, our Return on Investment modelling quantifies the link between customer insight and financial performance in order to drive bottom line growth.

Using trend data, our Advanced Analytics team use econometric modelling to give clients a fuller market understanding and predict the impact that changes in marketing and investment spend will have.