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Eye Tracking

What catches your consumers’ eyes?

Our innovative Eye Tracking technique accurately identifies focal points, assessing what consumers see – and what they don’t – when viewing your marketing communications.

By measuring subconscious behaviour, Eye Tracking allows you to monitor whether a message has been seen and remembered. With Eye Tracking, optimise content to ensure nothing goes unnoticed.

For more details, and to find out how Eye Tracking can impact your business, contact Graham Williams, 020 7400 0376.


  • Eye Tracking follows respondents’ direct eye movement and records exactly what is seen (and missed) as they view marketing efforts

  • It documents focal points at 60 readings per second, pinpointing the attention given to each element in a marketing piece e.g. visuals, headlines and copy

  • Viewing patterns enable you to understand attention priorities; this information is used diagnostically to ensure key messages are consistently identified

Eye Tracking is a proven method of understanding what consumers actually see – and remember – when they view your marketing efforts. Whether as a standalone project or part of an integrated research programme, Eye Tracking has added value to clients’ businesses in the following ways:


  • Advertising research – direct mail, sponsorship and product placement

  • Publishing – magazine cover layout

  • Retail – rack layout and POS display

  • Website usability

  • Signage – visitor attractions and transport information

  • Design of brochures, support materials and user guides

  • Packaging

  • New product development

Eye Tracking enhances research projects and provides unique data which cannot be revealed by  more traditional methodologies. Graphical findings are easy to interpret and share with stakeholders.

Zoom in on the examples below to see how Eye Tracking works

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Eye Tracking example
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Eye Tracking example
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Eye Tracking example
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Eye Tracking Example