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Technology Solutions

Our continued investment in cutting-edge technology solutions means our clients benefit from an industry-leading suite of research tools and real-time reporting technology.

With our focus firmly placed on applying rapidly evolving technologies to the needs of the market, BDRC Continental's dedicated technology solutions range from online reporting web portals, a bespoke mobile interviewing platform and the development of mobile devices in areas such as survey data, geo-location information and purchase behaviour.

For more information, contact Greg Berry 020 7490 9161. 

Market research on mobile devices, be they the new wave of tablets or the more traditional mobile phone, is on the increase. At the recent 2011 Mobile Research Conference it was predicted that the growth in smartphones, tablets and notebooks will overtake desktop PCs and laptops for online access sooner than we think. We are currently exploring the use of mobile devices in areas such as survey data, geo-location information and purchase behaviour.

Mobile devices can also help improve the research process with greater convenience for interviewer and participant, greater accuracy, cost effectiveness and an up to date image.

The Android revolution has allowed us to develop our software to run on a multitude of slick devices with the same “i-effect” as Apple’s offerings, but at lower cost.

An open interface allowed the development of a bespoke mobile interviewing platform which could store and forward data, feeding directly into instantaneously updated reporting. The program has been developed as an app that can be loaded onto any Android phone or tablet and using either Wi-Fi or mobile networks, and surveys are easily delivered and completed on a modern user-friendly touch screen multimedia friendly interface.

Our solution has been successfully used to interview business travellers at one of London’s airports as well as entry and exit interviews at the last market research Insight show.

Looking for ways to help our clients develop site-based research methodologies, we have investigated the potential of proximity mobile marketing techniques.

With recent O2 and Orange published research showing 74% of respondents would opt to receive sms or mms messages if given the right incentive and 62% saying they read a message within 5 minutes, even from someone they don’t know, we decided to see if we could tap into this willingness.

Geo-targeting is nothing new but it is starting to gain traction on mobile devices based on their proximity to particular sites or stores. Since we need a granular level of targeting to meet our goal of reaching only visitors to specific sites, events or attractions, we have begun experimenting with a Bluetooth proximity marketing device called an Ad-pod.

Whether you need at a glance kpi dashboards, tailored reports or a way to gain immediate insight, BDRC Continental can provide a solution. We have developed and delivered customised & user-friendly online reporting, with the ability to build and configure online reporting systems to match your requirements.

Our goal is always “clear results, clearly communicated” and we believe that our solutions can:

  • Deliver reports through secure, online web portals or directly to individuals via e-mail
  • Present offline reports in multiple formats including MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and Adobe PDF
  • Customise individual reports to present users with only the information they need.
  • Schedule reports for delivery at regular, automated periods

Wave on Wave Reporting for the Rail Industry

Rail passenger perceptions of punctuality have improved over time from 73% being satisfied with their trip in autumn 2000 to 80% being satisfied in autumn 2010. This data and much more is made available online to a growing number of users and stakeholders of the National Passenger Survey.

Passenger Focus’s requirement was for BDRC Continental to develop a cost effective reporting system to allow quick and easy online access to the data collected from 50,000 rail passengers each year. The system allows users to drill into all the key measures, journey and demographic data collect as well as viewing actual verbatim comments made by passengers.


Completely custom tools have been developed using industry standard software such as Microsoft SQL, C#, Flash etc.

This approach allows us to build solutions from the ground up. Our Meetings Benchmark Tracker, VenueVerdict and Hotels Guest Survey online systems have been developed in this way and are indispensable management tools which help our clients share accurate feedback across their businesses, enabling them to gain real value from the information gathered.

What is needed is a system that understands Market Research data, allows for reporting sites to be built by non-technical staff, and be used by non-technical users.

We have the solution with a web based tool that enables reports to be created quickly. The system makes extensive use of Microsoft™ Excel thus allowing end users to create charts and output styles using nothing more than a standard version of the software. The charting engine with Excel and PowerPoint is the same, so if you normally create output using either of these tools then no more training is needed.

“Information is an asset which, like other important business assets, has value to an organization and consequently needs to be suitably protected”
Ref: ISO/IEC 17799:2005

We firmly believe in this statement and our management systems and IT are continually developing to meet our clients’ security needs. We are currently working towards the ISO27001 standard and have successfully satisfied numerous audits on behalf of our blue chip clients.